Toepaz Dance offer ALL styles!

2017 ENROLMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED FOR THE YEAR – Please complete a 2018 Expression of interest to not miss out in 2018! 

We are still accepting enrolments for My Grownup and Me and Adult Pilates 


My Grown up and Me and Pre Primary Classes

At Toepaz Dance we take pride in our little upcoming dancers and encourage our youngest dancers to have fun, be open, creative whilst learning the foundation of ballet, jazz, funk, singing, tap and acrobatics. Students are taught age-appropriate exercises that encourage confidence, independence, creativity, discipline, correct posture, co-ordination, flexibility, musicality and the development of social skills. Classes will have the use of fun props, stories, popular music, use of imagination, sing-a-long activities. Students will also learn and develop the skills that will assist them in every day lift and growth. Skills such as how to follow instructions in a class environment, listening skills, respect for fellow dancers and teachers.
Classes include: Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre, Song and Dance. 

Classical Ballet is one of the more technical classes Toepaz offers. These are classes for more serious dancers wanting to work on technique, posture, poise, balance, strength, flexibility, presentation and ballet technique. We train the S.F.D syllabus and exams are optional. The techniques found in classical ballet are a framework for many other styles of dance including hip hop, contemporary and jazz.
We recommend our dancers to also take stretch and technique class to help develop this style.

Jazz Exam Classes train under the S.F.D syllabus and exams are optional.
It is a fast moving class that works on technique, flexibility, travelling, combinations and faster co-ordination combinations and routines.
We recommend our dancers to also take stretch and technique class to help develop this style. At Toepaz we also offer other genres of jazz, which includes Broadway jazz and Funk classes.

is a vibrant, fun and challenging dance style that has grown in its popularity. It’s a style seen in video clips and is a very ‘now’ dance style. Think of music video clips from Justice Crew, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé etc..

We offer combined girls and boys classes aswell as Hip Hop Troupe Classes for 8 Years and Up.

Stretch and Technique is another class for more of our serious dancers purely focusing in flexibility, strength, and technique. Students work on dance skills such as leaps, jumps, tricks and turns.
It’s also a combination of fitness, suppleness and body conditioning.
We encourage all our exam students to do this class on top of their exam classes.

Acrobatics is one of our most popular classes! Introduced by its growing popularity in the dance industry. Acrobatics aims to develop basic circus skills such as walkover, cartwheels, handstands, cheerleading skills and as dancers progress more advanced tumbling skills. 

It also develops dancers upper body strength, flexibility, strong poise, control and core strength.

Musical Theatre classes are comprised of singing and dancing. The class will include vocal training and dance warm ups.
Students will learn script work and choreographed song and dance routines.
It is a major highlight of the end of year concert the Musical Theatre Collaboration Piece!

Contemporary/Lyrical is a style of expressive dance that combines several dance genres including ballet, jazz and modern techniques. It is an exciting dance style for dancers wanting to explore something different and the freedom in their bodies. This style of dance explores a lot of floor work and moving combinations/jumps and quirky/fluid movements.

Pilates is a whole body workout. It develops core strength, improves flexibility and balance, reduces stress, tones and strengthens the core, increases energy and promotes weight loss.
This is a great class for all dancers wanting to improve technique, and strength and a great class for adults wanting to workout safely and achieve results.
It is a class we highly recommend our ballet dancers take.

Tap is a lively, rhythmical form of dance. The name comes from tapping sounds made when small metal plates on the dancers shoes tap on a hard floor. Dancers will gather an understanding of timing and rhythm. This form of dance will benefit other styles of dance in a sense of musicality and timing.

We also offer Open Combined Classes combining multiple styles in the one class.
These are for our students who want to try a few different dance styles on a more recreational level. Students will learn 1 dance in which style they enjoyed the most and perform in end of year concert.