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Registrations are closed for 2019

Contact: 9878 0935
Email:  info@toepazdance.com 

"Every time you dance, you become a better version of yourself"



We offer all styles of dance, for all ages which runs over 6 days a week in 3 purpose built studios!!
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Toepaz Dance pride themselves on our highly qualified, passionate and exceptional teaching staff who are highly respected in the Dance & Entertainment industry.

Where are we located?

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9 Silver Grove, Nunawading 3131


What are people saying about us? 

I thought that I would let you know how grateful we are to you and all the wonderful teachers at your beautiful school Toepaz. Without your guidance, mentoring, knowledge and love I really don’t think X would have taken to dance like he has over the last year.
— Jane D - Dance Mum
Incredible dance school with beautiful new
facilities, an amazing principal who is an incredible inspiration to all of her students. Toepaz is such a supportive environment for kids of all ages. Both of my girls have danced here for 5+ years and love every minute
— Sheree M - Dance Mum
“Toepaz is without a doubt unlike any other dance studio. Everyone is welcomed kindly and instantly becomes a part of the big and beautiful Toepaz family. Teachers care about every single one of their students, and the principal goes above and beyond to ensure Toepaz is a wonderful, caring and exciting place to be!!!”
— Alysha M – A Toepaz Teacher
Beautiful dance school with encouraging, professional teachers, and friendly students and families. The teachers get brilliant results from their students whilst keeping it positive and fun! There are great opportunities for students of all skill levels, and the students are all valued & nurtured equally. Highly recommended!
— Sarah S - Dance Mum
I’ve been at Toepaz since 2010 and I
would never want to have danced anywhere else! Not only has Toepaz helped me grow and trained me in dance, it has become a second home and family to me. I am so grateful for the amazing teachers, training and experiences I’ve had at Toepaz, and how it has fostered my passion for dance!
— Ella A - A Toepaz Student
One of the most supportive environments
I have encountered. The directors and fellow teachers always looks out for the best in their students. I teach here and always love being at the studio as the energy is constantly positive, non-intimidating, and very caring.
Highly recommended for students who want to be empowered by dance.
Keep up the great work Toepaz.
— Joel F - Toepaz Teacher for 8 Years
I recently saw Toepaz students perform at Kids Artistic Revue dance comp.
They were sensational. Great technique and awesome stage presence. Most importantly you could tell they were having fun out there. Go Toepaz!
— Chloe J - Another Studio Owner
“A vibrant and exciting new studio directed by wonderful leader Steph. The studio is organised, provides exciting opportunities for the students, and is a great place for little ones through to teens”
— Jess S – Director of BDA